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Book Review

100 Amazing Facts About the Negro with Complete Proof: A Short Cut to the World History of the Negro.

Joel Augustus Rogers’ book 100 Amazing Facts About the Negro with Complete Proof: A Short Cut to the World History of the Negro is an astounding compendium of irrefutable facts that confirm the Black man’s central position in World History. It is a comprehensive sketch compiled from international documented scholarly sources. In his book, Rogers provides penetrating evidence to support that the Biblical Jews were indeed a black people.

On pp. 14-15, Rogers asserts: “The characters of the Bible are largely Negroes…Tacitus, the Roman historian of 90 A.D., says that the Romans of his day popularly believed that the Jews, which then abounded in Europe, came from Ethiopia, the land of the Blacks…Chaldea, the land from which the Jews originated, was also a Negro land, hence Abraham might also have been black.” Rogers knew Abraham was Black. He postulates for hypothetical purposes.

Without belaboring the issue, the reviewer will let the scientific facts speak for themselves (pp. 32-34):

The Koran reads: “And he (Moses) drew forth his hand out of his bosom and behold it appeared white unto the spectators.” (Chap. Vii, p. 128) “And put thy right hand under thy left arm; it shall come forth white.” (Sale: Al Koran, p. 257. 1784.)

Sale adds: “There is a tradition that Moses was a very swarthy man.” (p. 128)

Sir T.W. Arnold says, “According to Mohammedan tradition, Moses was a black man.” (The Preaching of Islam, p. 106. Westminster, 1896.)

The Vulgate and the modern Bible say that Moses’ hand was leprous as snow,” but the Septuagint Bible, which is the oldest translation, dating to about 150 B.C., accords with the Koran. The Septuagint says that Moses’ hand became as snow,” and that when he placed it in his bosom the second time “it was restored to the complexion of the other flesh.” (Exod. IV. 6.) Here is the clearest inference that the miracle lay in turning black skin, white, and then changing it to black again. I have similar references on this subject.

The argument so often made that Miriam’s objection to Moses’ Ethiopian wife was one of color, is wrong. There was no color prejudice then. Besides the Jews at thaty time were also colored. Miriam’s objection must have been a national or tribal one, the same as exists among the Negroes on the West African coast now, and among the Jews themselves in India.

Tacitus says: “Many again say that they (the Jews) were a race of Ethiopian origin.” (Book V, Chap. 2)

F. Ratzel says: “The entire Semitic and Hamitic population of Africa was a mulatto character which extends to the Semites outside of Africa.” (History of Mankind, Vol. II, p. 246)

M. Fishberg, a leading Jewish authority, says: “Contrary to generally accepted theory that they (the Jews) have maintained their racial purity for centuries by modern anthropological methods has shown that the physical type of the Jews bears a striking resemblance to the ethnic types encountered in indigenous races and peoples among whom they happen to live.” (North African Jews, p. 1, New York, 1906.) That is to say that in the black man’s land the Jew is black; in the brown man’s land, brown; and in the white man’s land, white, etc. Fishberg gives abundant illustration of this by pictures. For the Negro Jew, see his book “The Jew,” pp. 120-134, 146, 149, 174, 178, 181. F. Hertz says: “In China, the Jews are hardly to be distinguished from the Chinese; in Africa they look like the Negro….”

Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldees (Gen. 11, 31) Godfrey Higgins, a careful and reliable English antiquary says, “The Chaldees were originally Negroes.” (Anacalypsis, Vol. II, p. 364. New York, 1927) For the number of Jews, who entered and left Egypt, see Gen. 46:27 and Exod., 12:37. For the number of years in Egypt: Exod. 12:20.

As regards the Negro origin of the Jew, Count Abraham Gurowski, of Poland, says, “Numbers of Jews have the greatest resemblance to American mulattoes. Sallow carnation complexion, thick lips, criped black hair. Of all the Jewish population scattered over the globe one-fourth dwells in Poland. I am therefore acquainted with their features. On my arrival in this country (the United States) I took every light colored mulatto for a Jew.” (America and Europe, p.117, N.Y., 1857)

Sir H. H. Johnson attributes much of the prejudice against the Jew to the latter’s Negro origin. He says: “In the Jew, as in the Egyptian and the Moor, there is a varying but still discernible element of the Negro, derived in the case of the Jew from the strong infusion of Elamite blood and in the case of the Moor from the obvious connection with the Negro….” (World Position of the Negro and Negroid, in G. Spiller: universal races Congress, p. 330, London, 1911.) But this viewpoint is wrong. There is very little or no prejudice against the Negro in Europe, outside of England. In Vienna the darkest Negroes are welcomed in places from which the fairest Jew is barred. Morever, this opposition against the Jew is to be found even in the black and brown men’s lands. Algeria was recently the scene of much anti-Jewish rioting.

For the classing together of Jew and Ethiopian, see Amos 9:7
(Amos 9:7: “Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the LORD. Have not I brought up Israel out of the land of Egypt? and the Philistines from Caphtor, and the Syrians from Kir?”)

For a discussion at length of the Egyptian and Ethiopian origin of the Jews, see: Gerald Massy: A Book of the Beginnings, Vol. II, pt. 2, pp. 364-441, London 1881. See also Chapter, “Were the Jews Originally Negroes,” pp. 91-95, in Sex and Race, Vol. I, 1941.

Fishberg says of the Falasha Jews: “They are of the Negro type,…the large lips, the prognathism, and frizzly hair, all point to the Negro origin.” (The Jew, p. 147.) I have seen the Falashas in Abyssinia and the Negro Jews in Egypt and the Sudan. West Africa has black Jews also.

H. Norden says of the Abyssinian Jews, “My stay among them carried something of the quality of interest and excitement of ther imagination with the sight of things excavated after centuries of burial. It formed a bridge from the present to the past. Biblical chronicles were no longer to me merely ancient religious history. They became the records of the life of a people not unlike the Falashas.” (Chap. “Among the Black Jews” in Africa’s Last Empire,” p. 203.)

Whilst in Ethiopia I visited the Falasha school established by Br. Faitlovich. The boys were all jet-black with wooly hair.

For the Jewish conquest of Abyssinia see L.J. Morie: Histoire de L’Ethiope, Vol II, p. 181-83, Paris, 1904: African Society Jour., Vol. 28, p. 60)

The Black Jews of India “are kept at a respectable distance and not permitted to enter the synagogues of the whites nor do they bury their dead in the same cemetery.” (M. Fishberg: The Jew, p. 134: Isaac, I.A. Cochin Jews, 1917.)

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